Many species of eucalypts have been planted on Norf’k, mainly scattered through the residential portions, except that there are some healthy stands of eucalypts (planted for future timber supply) within what is now the National Park, in the Anson Bay locality:

Eucalyptus microcorys    – Tallowwood

Eucalyptus paniculata     – Grey Ironbark

Eucalyptus maculata       – Spotted Gum

Eucalyptus pilularis         – Blackbutt

Eucalyptus grandis         – Flooded Gum

Eucalyptus acmenoides  – White Mahogany

Eucalyptus cloeziana      – Gympie Messmate

Eucalyptus fibrosa          – Broad-leaved Red Ironbark

Eucalyptus botryoides    – Bangalay, Southern Mahogany.

There is evidence that eucalypts have self-seeded on a couple of private properties but they have not become a recognised pest on the Island, even though they have done so in other countries such as California. Part of the reason may well be that ants carry off most of the seed, as they do in Australia (as much as 99% of seed fall).