Citizen Science Conference: 20 November 2023 @ 9:18 am – 24 November 2023 @ 10:18 am
University of Sunshine Coast

The Australian Citizen Science Association Conference, CitSciOz23 will be held on 21-23 November at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The themes this year are “Inspire, Impact, Influence”.

  • Monday 20th November (side event): Workshops & excursions
  • Tuesday 21st November: Conference Day 1 (Opening, Keynotes, breakout rooms, short talks, long talks, posters, & official welcome evening event)
  • Wednesday 22nd November: Conference Day 2 (Keynotes, short talks, long talks, posters, dinner TBA)
  • Thursday 23rd November: Conference Day 3 (Keynotes, short talks, long talks, posters, conference official close, dinner TBA)
  • Friday 24th November (side event): Bonus Bioblitz Day! Join us as we kick off the Great Southern Bioblitz 2023. Learn how to use iNaturalist from experts, get to know the local wildlife, meet the locals and discover species new to science in the Sunshine Coast area.

See after the event has closed to access the papers.



Bioblitz on Norfolk Island

The Great Southern BioBlitz 2023 can be of special interest to Norfolk Islanders. It is an opportunity to focus the attention of Islanders in observing features of the natural environment around them. It also encourages collaboration amongst like-minded people and allows those who are simply curious to be supported by those with expert knowledge. See the flyer for details.