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“Flora” is a term that focuses on the botanical aspects of plant life; “vegetation” focuses on the structural aspects; “ecosystems” focuses on the assemblages of plants, animals, microorganisms and the physical environment. “Flora” for the purpose of this site includes fungi and algae.

As the website of the Norfolk Island National Park explains, the Norfolk Island group of islands shows elements of both tropical and temperate oceanic island environments.

“The islands are home to 182 native plants, including more than 40 that are found naturally only here. Currently, 15 of our plant species are considered critically endangered. Before European settlement, subtropical rainforest covered almost all of Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden now contain most of the island’s remaining natural areas, making them a vital refuge for the island’s native plants and animals.

Parks Australia has published a plant brochure that depicts some of the distinctive species.


The Norfolk Island Regional Council’s website reports that “The Norfolk Island Vegetation Mapping Project commenced in 2018 and sought to produce island-wide vegetation maps of Norfolk Island: one showing current native plant communities and another showing the native plant communities  predicted to have been present in 1750. …There are 180 native plant species (of which about 25 per cent are endemic) and a further 370 naturalised species on the Norfolk Island Group (Mills 2009). However, prior to 2020, there was no comprehensive, island-wide description or map of the native plant communities present.”

See the website of the Invasive Species Council for more context.


Wikipedia includes a list of the vascular plants of the Island, as does the Australian Conservation Foundation’s 1968 booklet The Conservation of Norfolk Island. see also the website of the Atlas of Living Australia and the website of the Flora of Australia, with Norfolk Island deemed to be within Australia.


The Significant Tree Register celebrates the structural features of outstanding trees or groups of trees.