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Significant Tree Register

In 2017 the Society launched a Register of Significant Trees. Senior naturalist Margaret Christian has explained the concept in the linked briefing paper.

The community is invited to participate by ensuring that favourite trees or stands of trees are included in this Register. As the years pass by, knowledge and memories are easily lost, and it is the Society’s aim to record as much information as possible about the trees that matter to us all.

To achieve its potential, a volunteer coordinator is needed to identify significant trees, contact people who have affection for them, compile notes explaining their importance to the community, secure photographs and describe any threats to the health of the trees.

Please note that as the Society is a community-led organisation with no statutory powers, its Significant Tree Register has no regulatory force.  Further, entry in the register does not authorise any enthusiast to enter private property to inspect trees on private property.

The National Trusts of Australia has published Practical Stewardship: Taking Care of Your Significant Tree, an 8-page guide with a wealth of practical information.

Prominent entries in the Norfolk Island register to date include: