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The Norfolk Island Environment Book: A Teacher’s Handbook

An immense amount of effort was invested by many people in compiling The Norfolk Island Environment Book: A Teacher’s Handbook, published by the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1989. Edited by Graham Jurd of the Norfolk Island Central School, the work is now out of print but is being digitised for this website.

The copyright statement provides that “Material presented in this publication can be copied for personal use or republished for educational purposes, provided that the extracts are acknowledged.” Teachers and others using the work as a reference are asked to respect that condition.

The work will be published here in sections to keep the individual files to a manageable size. (Note: some files have been optimised to reduce file size, at a modest expense of clarity. The file names of these files include ‘opt’. If resolution is important, please contact the Society to access the original files).

While some of the references have been superseded by modern scientific discoveries, most of the information is as valid now as it was when the book was published.


Cover and front matters – 0.5 MB.

Introduction: pp.1-14. (1.9MB)

Chapters 2 (Geology) and 3 (Climate): pp.15-29 (1.9MB)

Chapter 4 – Vegetation: pp.31-46 (p.30 is blank) (2.3MB)

Chapter 5 – Animals: pp.47-62. (2.5MB)

Chapter 6 – Marine Environment: pp.63-68 (1.1MB)

Chapter 7 – Human History: pp.69-88 (3.0MB)

Chapter 8 – The Norfolk Island Community Today: pp.89-100 (1.9MB)

Chapter 9 – Phillip Island: pp.101-117 (p.118 is blank) (2.5MB)

Appendix – List of Worksheets: pp.119-120 (0.2MB)

Worksheets: 90pp. (10.5MB optimised).